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Loft conversions in London and Surrounding Areas

Who said a loft conversion has to be stressful?
To be fair, going through the process of having a loft conversion built can, for many, be stressful. The problem is having to deal with so many people who don’t have each other’s interests at heart. In other words: poor communication and a bit of greed thrown in for good measure. Ouch!

That’s why we take a different approach. We are extremely well connected. We know the best architects, the nearest suppliers (keeps delivery costs down), and the likelihood of getting a planning application through without delay. In other words, we know what we’re doing, and we hate stress and hassle as much as you do. All it does is lengthen the time it takes to complete a job and add unnecessary project costs.

We’d like to become your number one contact. We don’t want to start putting an annoying song in your head, but the fact is, our team are ‘simply the best’. As far as we’re concerned, from the moment you pick up the phone, you don’t even need to be sure that it’s a loft conversion that you want. The point is, let’s just talk through the idea.

Tell us how you would envision things – we call it your ‘magic wand moment’. We can sketch out some ideas, give you a good idea of costs, and even provide a loose schedule. All without any obligation to take things further. No pressure, no hassles, just a company that’s genuinely interested in making you happy.
Here’s what you could do with your loft
 Games room
 Home office
 Home gymnasium
 Additional bedroom
 Chillout room
 Teenager’s den
 Library
 Additional reception/drawing room
 Artist studio
 Jacuzzi room
As always, we’re more than happy to show you some of our past work and client testimonials. And remember: with the right approach, materials and planning, the whole process could work out to be much cheaper than you think – all without ever compromising on quality. Call today to book a FREE consultation.

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Welcome to Unique Builders

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