Welcome to Unique Builders

Plumbing Services in London and Surrounding Areas

From a dripping tap to a wonky radiator, we’ll sort it without
fuss. The plumbing services side of our business presents some of the most interesting elements of what we do.

Some days we’re installing copper pipes. Another day it could be underfloor heating, and on those really cold days, it’s invariably a problem with a radiator.

But whatever it is we’re called out to do, you can be assured that we won’t look for opportunities to hike up the bill. We have a policy of never adding a mark-up to the parts we need to buy on behalf of our customers.

Yessiree, we’re labour-costs only. Doesn’t matter whether we’re replacing a tap or washer, we’ll always keeps costs down. And not only that, if we can find ways to add extra value whilst we’re with you, we will. Just ask us for advice and be sure to pick our brains. We’re here to help.

But what about unblocking things? We’re great at that. Drains, toilets, pipes, you name it, we’ll unblock it. Certainly not the sexiest job in the world, but hey, someone has to do it, and it might as well be us. Especially when you consider how much the so-called specialists charge. You know the ones, they promote themselves as just doing that and nothing else.

And boy, do they charge a premium for it.
You get the idea… whether it’s taps, drains, pipes or rads, we’ll make sure your troubles disappear and you’re left with a warm and happy feeling. Call us today – or whenever you
need us. The choice is yours.

Reassurance at a Glance

Welcome to Unique Builders

✓ All work fully guaranteed
✓ Full public liability insurance
✓ Fully trained and qualified
✓ Members of all UK-based regulatory bodies
✓ We never use cheap or inferior materials
✓ Always looking for ways to improve
✓ We never finish a job until you are completely satisfied
✓ We never break a promise